Hey There — my name is Cody Baker.

I'm pretty excellent at building smarter solutions to common problems, so businesses can focus on what matters — quality customer service. Often that can be taking a basic CMS such as Wordpress and expanding on design and functionality to fit a client's needs. And other times it results in large scale applications.

Over the past ten years of work, that's resulted in a good list of fairly interesting projects.

HTML / CSS and sometimes Wordpress

ABLUSA Blueraster Bob Madden Broadstripe Keep the Beat Training Ruth Bros Team Trace DHS Program Katharine Cobey Paul Oberst

JS / CSS / Design

Uniform Builder Sock Builder FEWS Net Map

iOS Development

Cat Stackers Roll Through the Ages Companion

And there's more that I can't put on this list...

In 2013, I worked with the Smithsonian developing an application to assist in analysis and cataloging of amateur wildlife photography. Volunteeers use the application to upload their photos and identify and wildlife in them; after which experts verify what they've submitted. With my help, they're now processing and archiving upwards of a half million photos per month.

So, if you'd like to contact me...

Please do so; I'm always looking for a new project to call my own. :)

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